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You certainly do not need a justification to like that which you like. YOU MERELY ENJOY IT GOD DAMN IT!

Maybe they still could have had an event intimately with a feminine bc nevertheless at the finish of your day these are typically simply because “man ended up being intended for women/procreation” possibly they usually have constantly brand brand new which they’ve desired an enormous household & are not conscious of the awesome options that homosexual men and women have actually in this very day & age. I have understood great deal of people that at age 10 knew that young ones had been 100% inside their life plan. It is simply a variety of things i guess. Teenagers & females begin to see the bs & difficulty that gays have actually dealt w/ on television & the remarks from asshole children in school with other openly homosexual young ones.

I do believe that the majority of individuals are having the incorrect notion of what folks such as for instance hating on non straight men or women as myself view the situation as & are seeing it. and that is bull.

If there actually was difficult evidence that is factual this sort of subject I’m certain the individuals as well think as this pysch man does. Possibly one day you will have. that knows. However in my eyes u want intercourse orally or ur that is anal or bi.

Then there is the inventors whom say well girls write out & kiss at events & that isn’t making them a lesbian..who knows perhaps several of those girls are bi but i could tell u a lot of the girls doing that shit have been in senior school & not to ever please on their own but to please males whom prefer to see that stuff & when they begin getting switched on by the reality they truly are making down with a woman & crave this girl yes i might say which is a bi girl. Men are making that a plain thing that’s not looked over like two men making down. Females still would offer shit to those girls making down in the ongoing celebration tho so it is not merely ignored like males think.

I believe it can simply just take an actual guy to admit they do like other males & ladies in the time that is same. But those exact exact same males label themselves as sissys nude couples or label that as bad, so they really try & disect the behavior til it becomes this thing that is wild really it is simply a preference.

You do not need a justification to like everything you like. YOU SIMPLY ENJOY IT GOD DAMN IT! Together with thinking to be defined as homosexual or bi is merely an expressed word that sums up that preference.

However the stigma behind that term is its bad. But that is simply stupid, & other individuals who understand that do not offer a shit. It is dragging along another individual together with lying & cheating that i really believe is really whatis the bad thing behind this entire disoriented guys thing.

I realize males nevertheless value their wife or gf & reasoning they keep it hidden that them liking penis is gonna make that person leave so. Possibly they might keep but I do not think they would keep ur life 100% they thought they had after they got over the loss of why. People can forgive it is simply when it is been so deceitful & lied about occurs when that forgiveness is harder in the future by. If you do not desire me bc i’ve a vagina I wish to find somebody who does love me personally and desire me & my vagina! But ur gonna be selfish & keep me personally from finding somebody that does bc ur maybe maybe perhaps not able to admit ur gay or bi. That is selfish. U state ur confused however, if it really is occurred times that are multiple look for it nearly every evening or time, sorry but ur not confused. Cheating is cheating flat away.