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Hello, i am hoping you’re fine. We need help through camera What do you do from you if someone refuses to talk to you?

Hi we came across a homosexual guy on homosexual Cupid he asked me personally for my electronic mail target that we have actually him he desired to come over and go to me personally but stated he just had 100 dollars in hospital he said he will change air ticket flight when he gets better I don’t know if i have been scammed or not so I said i would not send him his air flight personally but I would go through a travel agency which he recommended so I sent 576$ to the travel agents bank using swift bank numbers the travel agency sent me his reservation number and confirmed it then there was another problem he needed travel money so me not thinking I sent another 400$ on the day he was about to fly he said he was in a bad car accident and sent me letter to confirm it which he said his mother scanned for him also phot of him

Sorry for all of this situation you are going thru. But 100% certain that individual is just a con musician, and discovered you and simple target.

I simply received a communication from an wonderful-good searching homosexual man from Russia asking me personally for cash, I met him thru a gay website. Is been three months just, not the full time for this, a friend of mine has the same story, therefore I do have got all of the warnings. Needless to state, i did not think, so I went thru most of the information on the internet about gay-scam-fraud, so from then on I chose to call the FBI and report this crook: https: //www. Fbi.gov/scams-safety/e-scams I really hope my story will help.

Yeah, that is nearly truly a scam. I would stop connection with this individual and report him to Cupid!

We ventured in to the dating scene via loads of Fish after my breakup year that is last

And connected online with a really charming, pleasant-looking guy whom “lived” in Vancouver. His reported profession had been a civil engineer, he had been widowed, & increasing a new son by himself. He phoned me personally often (their quantity ended up being listed as through the Vancouver area) so we invested great deal of the time on Yahoo Messenger chatting daily. (we now realize that going women quickly from the dating website to a messenger site may be a red banner). As Dan Albright’s article reported, this guy had not been in a position to satisfy because he’d company in South Africa for a number of days. He called me daily using the South African number, keeping really close contact. I happened to be extremely blended in my own thoughts. I wanted to trust that it was a burgeoning relationship, but I was additionally really anxious. And yes, he asked me for crisis cash and against my better judgment, I delivered him some. After which he asked to get more several days later

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